What Does Manifestation Mean? How to Manifest

What Is Manifestation?

What does manifestation mean? Manifestation can be loosely defined as the creation of reality through attraction and belief. In other words, your thoughts are manifested into actual “things”.

You can attract whatever you want with the process of manifestation, including a successful business, better health, a loving relationship, or something material. However, it isn’t quite as simple as willpower and positive thinking.

Manifestation has been around for centuries. Historically, people would meditate to calm their mind and visualize whatever it was they wanted, as if it already existed.

This wasn’t always easy, since most humans are brought up with negative conditioning. These limiting beliefs are passed down by parents, teachers, and others.

As a result, our subconscious minds do not synchronize with our positive beliefs, since we are trained to not believe in ourselves. This is a big obstacle to manifestation and the law of attraction. We end up getting in our own way.

Thanks to modern technology, we now know that the use of beta and theta waves can reprogram our mind with positive beliefs and dismiss most or all of the negative thoughts. It’s like starting all over from scratch!

15 Minute Manifestation Review

We’d like to tell you about a very powerful product created by Eddie Sergey called 15 Minute Manifestation. It is an online program teaching the power of manifestation using a set of audios to transform your mind.

15 Minute Manifestation has been an online bestseller for years, selling thousands of copies. It answers many questions, including “What does Manifestation mean?”

Here’s why it’s so popular…

The Positives:

1) One great thing about 15 Minute Manifestation is its simplicity. Listening to the audios is fun and easy. You are not required to take notes, or visualize in a yoga-like pose.

Since you’re probably not familiar with the topic of reprogramming the mind, this product is designed for beginners.

2) This product has numerous positive reviews and customer testimonials. This shows social proof that the product is popular and works the way it was designed to.

3) 15 Minute Manifestation has been an online bestseller for years. They’re doing something right.

4) The program teaches you how to eliminate limiting beliefs and emotional blockages… something you don’t see in other meditation programs. It answers the popular question… what does manifestation mean? It’s actually taught in the very first lesson and will get you off to a great start.

5) The second audio lesson, “Your New Story” will help you create positive life-changing beliefs, which will elevate you to the next level, where success can be achieved without much effort.

6) The third audio, “Moving Towards Abundance’ will calmly train your mind to manifest results quickly. You’ll feel noticeably better and experience positive results more frequently. This will put you in a good space.

7) Since the step-by-step method is entertaining and easy to follow, there’s a good chance you’ll retain enthusiasm and consistency in your learning sessions. It’s not likely you’ll lose interest in the 15 Minute Meditation program.

With this method, you just press “play” and let the audios do their thing while working on your subconscious mind.

8) Using special technology, “theta wave” audios are created to allow your subconscious mind to easily receive the intended messages.

Manifestation Course

The Negatives:

1) Apparently, the creator of 15 Minute Manifestation was able to cure his brain cancer using binaural beats. This is what the program is based on, and might seem a little hard to believe. It could just be just marketing hype, but the numerous testimonials on the official website show this program is legitimate.

2) The sales page may seem a little far fetched, which might raise a red flag for skeptical people.

3) This product is only available online. No big deal, but you’ll need a debit/credit card or PayPal account to purchase 15 Minute Manifestation.

4) This product because it’s completely audio-based. If you prefer reading text over listening to audios, you might be disappointed.

Is It Worth Purchasing?

After watching the video on the official website, it’s hard to deny that this is an awesome product. Since it comes with a 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee, you should have more than enough time to determine if the 15 Minute Manifestation works for you.

This makes it practically risk-free… you’ve got nothing to lose.

The system itself is very easy to follow. You just follow the audios in order, and with little effort on your part, the theta waves will work their magic on your mind.

Yes, this product is definitely worth purchasing and trying out. Who knows, once you start seeing positive results, you might be adding your own personal testimonial to the website. And you won’t again need to ask yourself, “What does manifestation mean?”.

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What Does Manifestation Mean
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