5 Great Tips To Get Your Boyfriend Back

How Do I Get My Boyfriend Back?

After dating for a couple of years, you hear these totally unexpected words… “We’re done”. The words at first don’t register, and your immediate reaction is to get him back at all costs.

But what are you going to do?

Texting and emailing him won’t do the trick. You need to hear an explanation for the breakup, so you can try to understand. After feeling sorry for yourself for a short time, you try to think of a reason why this all happened.

You question yourself… Was it me? Did I do something to cause the break-up? How do I get my boyfriend back? Could you have done things differently?

Let’s look at some things you should address to help you find some answers. These are only simple guidelines, but if you look deep within yourself, you might find these relationship answers you seek.

You Both Need Time to Yourselves

You’re gonna need time and distance to think things through properly.

Social media won’t help during this time. Posting on Facebook or Tweeting too soon will put out the vibe that you’re quite needy. Wait for a month or two before you try texting him to ‘see how he’s doing”. Give him a chance to miss you as much as you miss him.

Have a Good Look at Yourself

Was the breakup your fault?

Could something have been avoided?

This isn’t easy, but could help you find some truths and clarity. Take this seriously. Sometimes your friends can help you find answers.

Don’t Let Your Emotions Go Crazy

Don’t pour your heart out to him. This might frighten him and give him mixed messages. Most guys don’t want to deal with an emotional wreck, and will do anything to steer clear.

A better approach might be to send him a Facebook or Instagram message to see how he’s coping. This is much more enticing and appealing, and who knows, he might be open to meeting up.

Get My Boyfriend Back

Be Smart When Conversing

If and when you finally get to speak with him, keep the conversation simple. Raising your voice or shouting won’t help, and could make things worse.

Show composure, and don’t make your words seem like you’re a desperate teenager with nothing to lose.

Be Strong

Keep yourself busy, to show him that he is not everything you think about. Even if he means the world to you, he doesn’t need to know that.

Don’t pretend that you have moved on from him if that’s not the case. Remain calm and composed, and show him that you have your act together, and know how to look after yourself. These attributes would make other guys and gals envy you.

And last but not least, never get into a rebound relationship!

What Do You Do Next?

Before you try to contact him, have a good plan. Know how you are going to express yourself to show confidence and composure.

The first time you meet after the breakup, try to keep the conversation light, but also show him you are a different person and have gained a lot of self-confidence. Tell him you have taken a lot of time to reflect on the relationship, and you are willing to make changes to get back together.

Try not to argue… it won’t help you or the relationship. Be prepared to take the blame if it helps.

Our Final Thoughts

So we’ve given you a few suggestions… and now it’s up to you. We hope these simple tips have helped. If you feel as though you need more guidance on this subject, please check out the video shown below, which will provide you with even more information on how to win your boyfriend back!

get my boyfriend back
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