6 Very Weird Diets… Likely To Make You Cringe!

Dangerous? Ridiculous? Hilarious? You Be The Judge…

We’ve gone and done it! After spending countless hours scouring the internet for weird diets, we’ve finally compiled our “Top 6” of the most unusual diets in existence.

We’ve presented this list for amusement purposes only, so please don’t take it seriously. We do NOT recommend any of the diets on the list, and a doctor’s advice is always recommended when attempting a new diet.


#1. The Cotton Ball Diet

cotton ball diet

The Cotton Ball Diet is a strange fad diet that involves swallowing cotton balls that have been soaked in juices or smoothies. It’s theorized that consuming the cotton will allow the stomach to feel full, and the minimal amount of calories ingested will lead to weight loss.

Of course, there are many negative aspects to the cotton ball diet, including malnutrition. Consuming cotton balls can cause choking, and a collection of cotton can form blockages in the digestive system, which leads to all kinds of health issues.

Most “cotton balls” are not cotton at all, but rather bleached polyester fibers containing many chemicals. Yuck! As you can imagine, this diet has been repeatedly flagged as very dangerous, and is definitely not recommended.

#2. The Tapeworm Diet

tapeworm diet

The Tapeworm Diet usually starts with swallowing a pill that contains a tapeworm egg. When the egg eventually hatches, the tapeworm starts eating whatever food is present in your body.

The tapeworm is theoretically sharing your calorie consumption, which means that you can eat normally and still lose weight. However, the tapeworm also consumes vitamins and other important nutrients, which may result in a nutritional deficiency for you.

This diet has been labeled as very dangerous, since it can lead to internal blockages, organ malfunction, and serious issues with the brain and nervous system.

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#3. The Blue Vision Diet

blue vision diet

The Blue Vision Diet is simple and very easy to follow. All meals are eaten while wearing blue-tinted glasses. Blue colored food (or food that looks blue) is supposed to be the least appetizing, while red and/or yellow food is the most appetizing.

The theory is less food will be eaten because of its blue appearance, which should result in weight loss. Unlike some other diets on our list, this one isn’t considered dangerous… just unusual.

Nonetheless, as harmless as it seems, the Blue Vision Diet is not one we recommend.

#4. The Wine & Eggs Diet

wine and eggs diet

The Wine & Eggs Diet is a three-day diet that encourages you to crack open a bottle of white wine every morning.

Each day starts with a breakfast consisting of one hardboiled egg, a cup of black coffee, and a glass of dry white wine. Lunch is two more hardboiled eggs, a cup of black coffee, and two more glasses of wine. Dinner is a 5 ounce grilled steak, seasoned with lemon juice and black pepper, a cup of black coffee, and whatever wine is left in the bottle.

Of course, this diet doesn’t make much nutritional sense, but it claims a weight loss of up to five pounds. Although it doesn’t seem as harmful as some of the other diets we’ve mentioned, the Wine & Eggs Diet isn’t recommended.

#5. The Chewing Diet

chewing diet

The Chewing Diet involves a process called “Fletcherizing”, which is loosely defined as chewing food until it is liquefied. The resulting liquid is slowly swallowed, without gulping, and any remaining food is spat out.

It is somewhat important to only eat when hungry. This strange but simple diet isn’t recommended, because apparently it can lead to serious bowel issues due to lack of dietary fiber.

#6. The Baby Food Diet

baby food diet

The Baby Food Diet is actually quite popular and has many variations. The most interesting one involves eating fourteen jars of baby food throughout the day, with an option to have a healthy adult meal for dinner.

Another popular option is to have three healthy meals per day, substituting high-calorie snacks for baby food. Because baby food is high in nutrition, but not exceedingly high in calories, weight loss is possible with this diet.

Even though the Baby Food Diet isn’t considered dangerous, we are not recommending it.

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